What to Expect

We want our products and experience to be accessible for all. We are able to accommodate a wide variety of ages and abilities at our events. Our products are entirely customizable, so each item made is a unique representation of your style.

When you choose to make a candle, you begin the process by selecting one of our unique containers. Our curated containers offer a wide variety of styles to fit any space. From there, you will select your unique scent (or blend) from our selection of over 20 chemically safe fragrances! You will find tried-and-true staple scents as well as fun seasonal fragrances for you to blend into something new and personal. After making your selections, we will walk you through each step of the candle pouring process. The experience is simple and rewarding! 

Plants can feel intimidating for some people, but we provide education on each plant before you make your selection. Need a special plant that will thrive in low light or bright light? What about an animal safe plant? Simply make us aware of your needs and we will be happy to introduce you to your plant match. This way, you’ll be confident that what you are choosing will thrive in your space. When you choose to pot a plant, you’ll start by selecting your perfect container, your unique plant, and you’ll end the process by adding in a selection of fun and decorative toppers to help you (and your plant) express your individual style!