Our Products


At our event, you will be able to pick your own unique container from our large collection. We love reimagining all kinds of containers into candles and you will love picking one that reflects you!

After picking your container you get to create your own custom fragrance by blending any of our 20+ chemically safe fragrances. Your custom scent is then combined with 100% natural soy wax and is hand-poured (by you!) into your selected container.

Your candle requires an hour to cure, giving you time to enjoy the venue!


When selecting plants for our events, we focus on only carrying very hardy plants. All of our events have low light, bright light, and animal safe plants to choose from.

We want to empower people to pick and pot the perfect plant. We do this by providing information on each plant during the event so you can make an educated choice on what will work best in your space. We also provide care cards to assist you as you care for your plant at home.

Plants are a perfect way to make any space feel like home. We hope this product will help your living space, office, or classroom feel like a more welcoming space and show off your unique taste.