Meet the Owners


I’m Abby and I am the Flame expert in our Flame & Flora equation. I have spent 15 years married to my best friend Jon and we have 4 crazy kiddos that keep my heart full and keep me looking for excuses to get out of the house! I can’t wait to meet you at an event and share with you my love for candles.

I can hardly remember a time in my adult life where I haven’t had a candle burning somewhere in my house. I love the light and warmth and unique fragrances they bring to my home. Whenever life is crazy I know that the first step for me to feel at home is to light a candle. The process of making them myself has only made me love them more and I am confident you will feel the same way after you pour your own unique candle! I can’t wait to help you bring more light to your home.


Hello! My name is Moriah and I run the Flora side of Flame & Flora! I have been married for 10 years and I have two lovely daughters.

My love for plants was passed on to me by my grandmother. She had ledges in her home that were always full of blooming African violets and chicks and hens. After she passed away, I was given some of her violets and they sparked that love of plants in me. Since then, my home has become FULL of plants! I firmly believe that anyone can have a green thumb, you just need the tools to choose the right plant for your space.

My grandmother loved plants, but she loved people more. When I see my plants, I’m reminded to share cuttings with people, to love others, and show kindness. Plants are a tangible way that we can bring life and love into each other’s homes. I’m so excited you found our business! I look forward to sharing my passion with you!